What to Expect

1) Meeting beforehand

Meeting before the photo-shoot is highly recommended. It will help us get to know each other and therefore feel more comfortable during the session itself. We will discuss ideas for your photo-shoot, your outfits and locations. 

2) Booking

It’s preferable to book me as soon as possible. It is much easier to get ready for the shoot when you have enough time for it. Booking includes paying upfront 30% of the photo-shoot price to secure the date in my calendar, so that I know that you are serious about hiring me and will not change your mind right before the session. This booking fee is not refundable in case you cancel the photo-shoot. 

3) Processing 

I process all my photos in Adobe Lightroom and only some of them in Adobe Photoshop. The key point of my post-processing is fixing colors. I prefer not to over-process faces, so that they look natural and recognizable. 

4) Camera & Lighting

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III. My lenses are 50mm, 35mm, 20mm and 85mm. I prefer to work with natural light at all times, as it makes photos alive. This is a great thing to consider, when planning a photo-shoot. Very rarely, mostly when shooting wedding parties indoors, I use flash. 

5) What you get in the end

Depending on the type of the shoot you get about 50-100 photos (100-500 photos for weddings) with unlimited printing rights on a personalized DVD in a gift box. I also give you a link where you can download your pictures in pritable size and web-friendly format, so that's it's easier for you to share your story with friends and family on social networks.