Getting Ready for the Photoshoot

1) Inspiration
I like when you send me photos that you find interesting. This helps me understand what you expect from the photo shoot. I often use Pinterest to search for ideas of my shoots. You are welcome to follow my boards and share yours with me. I’m always open to your ideas, however I am also able to come up with several options that that you can choose from. 

2) What to wear 
Casual style always works best. Here are several simple tips on what clothing to choose for a portrait session (no matter if it’s a personal portrait or a family photo).

  • choose something simple and solid colored;
  • choose clothes of 2-5 colors, if it’s a family photo shoot, then every one should be color coordinated and dressed in similar tones;
  • choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow;
  • choose long pants for men/ladies or a skirt below the knee for ladies;
  • wear comfortable shoes with no high heels;
  • keep jewelry simple and minimalistic;
  • always keep location in mind and choose the clothes that will look natural there, e.g. high heels will look;
  • strange, if we are shooting at the beach.

3) Make-up
I do recommend that your make-up for the photo soot is done professionally. Professional make-up will accent your facial features and even your skin tone. I work with several professional make-up artists, so I can always help you find the right one. Professionals I work with will make you look beautiful and natural at the same time. 

4) What to take with you
Take items that you want to remember, that mean something to you, but also the ones that will look nicely with your outfit and location of the photo-shoot. If it’s a family portrait session, it’s good to take your child’s favourite toys, the ones that will make him or her comfortable while being in front of the camera. For a family photo-shoot it is also wise to take food and drinks, as well as small “bribes” for the kids.